The lower reaches of the Tamar river system are good for sailing. There is wide, deep water for several miles upstream. Even so, the stretches above Saltash are never crowded. Here, the TamarSail sailor has plenty of peaceful water to enjoy.

For the would-be sailor there is space to discover how to sail the boat. For the sightseer there are unspoilt views and just the sound of the wind in the sails and the gurgle of the water beneath the bows.

Guests who already sail are welcome to take the helm, work the rigging and navigate the route. Those who have not sailed before are just as welcome to join in. The skipper is a qualified keelboat instructor. He will guide you and ensure that everyone stays safe. He'll also stand back and let you take over as your skill and confidence grow.

Although TamarSail does not offer formal training courses, a trip can become an introductory sailing lesson for those who wish. Children are welcome to take part in the sailing, with special activities and challenges to keep them interested.

On the other hand, guests who prefer to sit and enjoy the surroundings are welcome to do so. The choice is yours.

The TamarSail boat, Tessa, is a traditional southwest boat, used to coping with the rough and the smooth of the weather off the Cornish coast. Within the river, however, the valley provides shelter and the waters are usually calm. We want our guests to enjoy their trip and we adjust the sailing to match the weather and the folk aboard. For example, if the breeze gets up, we can reduce the amount of sail so that the trip is comfortable. Guests who have never sailed before, soon get used to the gentle movement of the boat.