Comfort and safety

The boat

A little boat, able to withstand the tricky conditions along the Cornish coastline, is more than able to cope on inland waters and, therefore, Tessa is a safe and stable boat for exploring our rivers.

We always take care to ensure that less confident passengers feel safe and secure and enjoy the experience. The skipper is a qualified sailing instructor. All necessary licences and insurances are in place. Regular surveys and inspections ensure that modern safety standards are met and that safety equipment is aboard. Lifejackets are available for everyone on board and the skipper will advise if these should be worn.

There is an engine for those days when the wind drops, to ensure that we get home.

There is space for up to 6 guests and any ages are welcome. Those under 16 must be accompanied by their parent or carer.


We aim to make TamarSail trips accessible to as many people as possible. We do our best to accommodate those with disabilities or particular needs [please discuss when booking] and adjust activity to suit the capability of the group.

Trips start and end with the boat securely moored to a very stable pontoon. Apart from stepping down into the boat, you do not need to be particularly agile. If you wish, you can sit throughout the trip and simply enjoy the surroundings.

If you want to take part in the sailing, you'll need to move around, but nothing particularly athletic. As long as you are in reasonable health there should be no problem.

When you book you will be asked if you have medical conditions that could affect your well-being on the boat. It is each guest's responsibility to ensure that they are fit to undertake the trip and to ask their GP for advice if appropriate. Whilst all assistance will be given in the event of illness or injury, neither TamarSail nor the skipper can be held responsible for the consequences of such an incident.

There is no toilet aboard, but there are public toilets close by the pontoon.

Clothing and weather

Tessa is an open boat providing uninterrupted views of the river - and uninterrupted enjoyment of the weather. No special clothing is needed but you should consider

  • sun protection - you'll be exposed to the sun, without shade, and the water itself reflects the sun too. Heads and necks are particularly sensitive.
  • rain protection - normal cagoules are perfect for the occasional summer shower. If it looks like raining persistently, waterproof trousers help to avoid feeling damp and cold when sitting for a long period.
  • a spare layer in case it gets chilly - people often say "take one more layer than you'd need today on land".
  • non-slip footwear - you don't need fancy sailing shoes. Old trainers, soft walking shoes, or wellies if it's really wet, are the best.

If we have to cancel your trip because the weather conditions are unsafe or too uncomfortable, or for any other reason, we will try to arrange an alternative date/time. Please refer to our Conditions.