Special ideas for couples or groups of friends.

If you have a special event or you want to take over the boat with a group of friends, we will try to tailor an exclusive package for you [no other passenger will be added].
Here are some expedition ideas, to get afloat for 2 or 3 hours.

Enjoy the warm summer evenings.

The early evening on the water can be magical as the sun comes around to the west, just the way to relax after a day at work, perhaps. Depending on the tide, we could make it to Cargreen or slip around Henn Point into the quiet Lynher and maybe Forder Creek.

Introductory sailing lesson as a special birthday treat

For something different, surprise him or her with a sailing lesson. Tessa is an easy, stable boat to handle, with guidance on hand at every step. The skipper is a qualified RYA keelboat instructor and can introduce you to the basics that you would learn at the start of a formal training course. (Please note that we are not a sailing school providing RYA courses).

Whether the trip is a one-off, just for fun, or a taster for someone wanting to take up sailing, we design the trip so that everyone feels a sense of achievement and success. Everyone in the group can take part in sailing the boat or one can sail whilst the others enjoy life as passengers.

A 3-hour trip is recommended. So that there is plenty of room to move around the boat, we will take a maximum of 4 in a group.

Fun sailing challenge for a group of friends

If you are looking for time-out with friends or mates from work, we can get you all involved with sailing the boat, steering, rope-pulling, navigating, and we can set you problems and challenges to tackle alone or in pairs. With the emphasis on fun, we'll see if you can get the boat from here to there - and even back again. Groups of up to six can be accommodated.

For safety's sake, it's best to leave the serious drinking session to the pub, afterwards.

Drop anchor for a summer picnic afloat.

You don't have to sail far from Saltash to be in another world. With a backdrop of the Antony Estate, the Forder viaduct or rolling countryside, where better to drop the hook and stay a while. Any of our expeditions can be adapted to a little less sailing and a little more 'just sitting'. Bring your own hamper or discuss the food you'd like to be provided [at extra cost]

Exclusive trip for two on that special occasion - with a hamper and a bottle of bubbly provided.

Enjoy an exclusive celebration together. Join in with the sailing, or simply enjoy quiet time together and leave all the work to the skipper.

You are welcome to bring your own supplies, or we can provide lunch or supper for two - as simple or lavish as you want.

CoupleGroup of 3Group of 4 Group of 5Group of 6
2 hours - daytime £60 £60 £72 £80 £96
2 hours - evening £48 £48 £64 £80 £96
3 hours £60 £60 £72 £90 £108
Exclusive celebration trip for two (2-3 hours) evening £58
daytime £70
plus food/drink as requested
Just the two of you...