River Explorers

Children aboard enjoy things to keep them active and interested.

From an early age, there will be things they can do and things they can spot on the bank as we sail past. From around 7, they can help to steer the boat. A little older, and they will be able to look out for the buoys, pull ropes, use a simple chart to help navigate and make seamanlike decisions about where we should sail.

Once we've decided where to go, thinking about the wind and the tide, the challenge can be set. With the skipper giving as much help as needed, the children [and the adults too] can set off to get there. If concentration lapses, no problem; Skipper will take over or suggest a different activity.

There is plenty to see on a TamarSail trip. We start right under the tall Tamar Bridges, but then sharp eyes will be able to spot wrecks and old quays, look out for wildlife and, depending on the route we take, discover a medieval castle or sail close by a frigate or submarine.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by their parent or carer. There are special rates for family groups.

This is an exclusive expedition for you and your group; no other passengers will be added. It usually lasts about 3 hours. Any number can book, but a minimum charge of 60 applies. We recommend a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children to ensure that we have space to move around easily.

Per head £20
Group of 4[max 2 adults] £70
Group of 5[max 2 adults] £80