TamarSail Conditions

Client service and safety are important to TamarSail. The following conditions apply to all TamarSail services:

Booking and Payment
  1. Prices are displayed on the TamarSail website. In the event of price changes, those displayed at the time of booking will apply.
  2. If bookings are made more than 30 days ahead, a 25% deposit can be agreed, the balance payable 30 days before the expedition.
  3. If bookings are made between 5 and 30 days ahead, the full price will be payable immediately.
  4. If bookings are made less than 5 days ahead, payment will be accepted on the day.
  5. Payment will be accepted by cheque to TamarSail [supported by a debit card] or cash. Payment by card is not currently available.
Cancellations and Alterations
  1. TamarSail will endeavour to provide the expedition as agreed. If unforeseen circumstances, other than weather/water conditions, lead to TamarSail cancelling the expedition, it will endeavour to provide an acceptable alternative or it will return all payments in full and no further compensation will be paid.
  2. If clients cancel their booking more than 30 days before the expedition date, TamarSail will refund any money paid in excess of the minimum deposit. If clients notify TamarSail of cancellation less than 31 days before the expedition date, no refunds will be made although efforts will be made to reschedule the expedition if this is requested.
  3. Very rarely, expeditions may be cancelled or interrupted for safety reasons, for example, due to weather conditions or mechanical breakdown. The skipper's decision is final. In this event, TamarSail will offer alternative arrangements if possible.
  4. Sailing may be cancelled or interrupted if [a] the clients feel that the weather or water conditions are unsuitable or [b] the mean wind strength is or is likely to be Force 5 or above or [c] the skipper considers the conditions are unsuitable for the experience and well-being of the clients.
  5. Where alternative arrangements cannot be agreed and depending upon circumstances, a partial or full refund may be made. Refunds will not normally be made if clients choose to stay ashore in circumstances that the skipper deems to be safe and reasonable.
  6. Whilst TamarSail is committed to providing the high quality service that matches clients' wishes, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss, inconvenience or dissatisfaction arising from changes that are required to be made to the booking or expedition or for any other reason.
Health and Safety
  1. TamarSail holds the safety of its clients as the highest priority. The boat is of a reliable, traditional design, intended to cope with open coastal conditions. It is well-maintained and subject to annual survey and licensing.
  2. All water-based activities carry an element of risk but TamarSail seeks to minimise risks by following good safety procedures, maintaining appropriate safety equipment aboard, and by adapting the sailing activity to match circumstances and clients' wishes.
  3. TamarSail clients should be physically capable of the intended activity and should advise the skipper of any relevant medical condition or disabilities. TamarSail aims to accommodate clients' individual needs and clients should discuss possible difficulties with TamarSail when booking.
  4. Clients are particularly invited to inform TamarSail or the skipper of the following conditions that may arise or affect the client whilst afloat: asthma, angina, a heart condition, diabetes, epilepsy, giddy spells, severe allergies. They are also invited to provide a contact phone number in the event of emergency.
Licences and Insurances
  1. TamarSail is licensed to carry out the advertised activities and holds appropriate public indemnity insurance.
  2. TamarSail activities are not high risk, requiring specialised insurance cover, but clients are advised to ensure that they have adequate personal insurance.
  3. TamarSail will not be held responsible for clients' property aboard or ashore.

*Conditions as amended at 20April 2005