Better By Boat

There is no doubt that being afloat can give us a sense of well-being.

'Better by Boat' sessions are designed with older people in mind, to enjoy the tranquillity of the river and have fun and feel more alert, helping to sail the boat under expert guidance.

  • Escape! Get away from the hustle and bustle. Leave the stresses of the day behind and relax into the beautiful Tamar landscape. Let the gentle movement of the boat, the sound of the wind and the ripple of the water take over.
  • Enjoy gentle, healthy movement. Sailing aboard Tessa is not energetic, but you find yourself moving with the boat, pulling a rope from time to time, turning here or there to look at the view - all helping to keep the body supple. You do not need to be particularly fit though you should discuss it with us at TamarSail and with your GP if you have any concerns.
  • Have fun and feel more alert. Helping to sail the boat needs some thinking and some decision-making. But all at a level you are happy with. The skipper will always ensure that you are safe and help you to succeed, even if you have never sailed before.

There is a special rate for Better By Boat sessions, which take 2 hours. If sailing becomes a new interest or activity that you'd like to repeat, a package deal for several sessions can be agreed.

If the weather is blowy or wet, the choice is yours. We want to enjoy our sailing, so plans can be changed to match the conditions.

Please note that, whilst medical advice has been taken in setting up this package, it is each guest's responsibility to ensure that they are fit to take part and to ask their GP for advice if appropriate. Please see the TamarSail statement on Comfort and safety .

Trips will operate with a minimum of three passengers but the maximum will be four, to give us all enough space to move around easily. Individual bookings are welcome.

Per head £15
Series of five 2-hour trips £60