6-hour trips

Come afloat for a whole day and you can see more of the river and enjoy a lunch ashore. Whichever destination you choose, there is great landscape to enjoy and plenty of evidence of the river's busy past.

Travelling up the Tamar, beyond Cargreen and Weir Quay, you can follow the meanders as the river narrows and the banks become more wooded. At Cotehele, you can go ashore for lunch in the café - or your own picnic. The Tamar barge, Shamrock, is moored by the quay.

Sailing downstream from Saltash you can pass the dockyard and the Torpoint Ferries to explore the expanse of Plymouth Sound. You'll pass Plymouth Hoe and Drake's Island en route for a lunch-stop at Mountbatten, near the famous Barbican.

A further option is to combine two of the 3-hour cruises, returning briefly to Saltash for a lunch break.

It always makes sense to work with the tides, so when you phone to book your trip, you will be able to discuss the options that are available on the day you choose.

This is an exclusive expedition for you and your group; no other passengers will be added. Any number from one to six can book, but a minimum charge of £120 applies.

Per head £40
Group of 4 £136
Group of 5 adults £170
Group of 6 adults £204